Burlesque Performance, Promotion & Costume Design



Upcycled creature fashion made out of scraps of recycled fabric.

Inspired by stuff of  fantasy and fairie. All pieces are bespoke one offs.

From the pit -Back view of fire reptile dress

Fire Reptile

Reptile Spines

Lounge Lizard

Hungry for you

Jenny Greenteeth- water spirit hag of English folklore

Wig, gloves  and leotard Made out of recycled fabric

Glove made out of plastic from bottle and recycled fabric

Wig made out of recycled fabric  and bottle plastics

True colours

Art Print available in A3 at 20 pounds

Willo the Wisp

Made out of recycled wrapping

Glowing in the dark


Willo the Wisp Self Portrait

Head dress

Full length


Cthulthu made out of recycled paper

Cthulthu mask made out of recycled paper inspired by Lovecraft

Art performance with original backing track



Unseelie from the dark side of fairie. Made from upcycled and recylced materials including plastic .

Molded Lace mask made from scraps of left over lace

Unseelie Queen of the dark and earth

Art Print